Uploaded images must be 72px resolution min preferable 300px

  • Phone wallpaper: at least 800 wide
  • Custom pictures: at least 2500 wide

By using this service you confirm that:

  • Results vary based on the image you supply. Having said that we will do our very best to provide you with an image you’ll love.
  • Any image you upload is not subject to Copyright
  • You will have ONE revision of artwork if required
  • Any¬†revision is based on changes to the artwork only.
  • Custom artwork is non refundable
  • Under normal circumstances our turnaround is 5 working days. We’ll let you know if we’re busy and give you a revised deadline.
  • This service is for custom artwork only. It does not include printing and products are ordered separately.
  • These terms are in addition to our standard terms and conditions